“The Walking Dead” Just Invited Us Behind Enemy Lines and Goddamn the Whisperers Are a Nightmare

As far as villains on “The Walking Dead” are concerned, it’s pretty safe to say that none will ever make as memorable and horrifying an entrance as Negan did back in Season 6, brutally bashing in the brains of two beloved characters.

Introduced a few episodes back, Oscar-winner Samantha Morton plays Alpha on “The Walking Dead,” the leader of the creepy group known as the Whisperers.

Showing us just how much of a ruthless leader Alpha really is – then again, she was totally cool with zombies feasting on one of the group’s own babies last week, so perhaps we already gathered such things – she gruesomely cut the head off of a young Whisperer woman who, along with her boyfriend, called her leadership into question.

Without a shred of humanity to spare, the soft-spoken Alpha – chillingly played by Morton – may be the most truly nightmarish, wholly irredeemable villain in the show’s history.

As readers of Robert Kirkman’s comics are aware, the fair is the setting for some pretty extreme horror, and the show is clearly building to that point for what is likely to be Season 9’s finale.

Our heroes are unknowingly marching towards a terrible fate in the very near future, and the show has thus far done an incredibly good job at making the Whisperers a nightmarish threat the likes of which they’ve never quite seen.

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