The Portland Timbers' Season Opener Against the Colorado Rapids Was the Coldest Game in Major League Soccer ...

On Saturday, the Portland Timbers' season-opening game against the Colorado Rapids in Commerce City, Colo., set a new Major League Soccer record for the coldest game ever played.

Temperatures dropped to 18 degrees and heavy snow blanketed the field, causing ice to crust on referee's eyebrows and players to slip.

You couldn't really get traction on the ground," the Timbers' goalkeeper Jeff Attinella said in a statement after the game.

It felt like I was back in fifth grade playing tackle football on a snow day, so it didn't even feel like a real game."

The previous MLS record for coldest game played was in 2017 in Minneapolis, Minn., when Minnesota United FC and Atlanta United FC competed on a 19-degree March day.

The Timbers, which lost the MLS Cup Final to Atlanta United in December, are starting their season on a 12-game road trip while Providence Park undergoes an expansion .

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