The Bixby button can be remapped to just about anything with Tasker

The Bixby button has been controversial since it was first introduced, especially since Samsung has been hesitant to let anyone change its function.

João Dias, developer of Tasker and other great apps, has created a solution.

A recent update to the Bixby application added the ability to open any application with a single press, while Bixby itself can still be activated with a double-press.

The beta version of Tasker adds a new companion app, which can be configured to perform any action that Tasker supports when opened.

Once you set the single-press Bixby action to the Tasker Secondary application, you can make the button do just about anything — turn off Bluetooth, open a web page, start a timer, or even open Google Assistant.

It's annoying that Samsung won't implement this functionality itself, but this is the next best thing.

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