Miles Below 'Sea Level' on Mars, Valleys Reveal Signs of Ancient Groundwater

Scientists found valleys and channels carved into the depths of Martian craters, and according to the European Space Agency (ESA), these formations provide the first evidence of a vast groundwater system in the planet's past.

Mars is a prime target for the cosmically geared imagination, from the story " War of the Worlds " to the last 20 years of robotic exploration on the Red Planet's surface.

If a world just a monthslong journey away from Earth could have hosted water, maybe extraterrestrial life once resided at cosmic arms' length from our planet.

We traced this water in our study, as its scale and role is a matter of debate, and we found the first geological evidence of a planet-wide groundwater system on Mars."

Over the last few years, research has pointed to the existence of a warmer Mars in the past — possible thanks to a thicker atmosphere in the planet's history — that supported the flow of water on the ground.

"We think that this ocean may have connected to a system of underground lakes that spread across the entire planet," co-author Gian Gabriele Ori, director of the Università D'Annunzio's International Research School of Planetary Sciences in Italy, said in the statement.

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