Michonne's fears take center stage on The Walking Dead

After being sidelined the past couple of episodes, Michonne returns to the forefront this week by slowly realizing that trusting others means giving up her tight hold on the reins at Alexandria.

It’s not that her argument about going to the Kingdom’s trade fair being too risky is wrong, per se—as Aaron notes, leaving the compound is especially dangerous now that they’ve learned of the existence of the Whisperers—it’s that her means of expressing her opinion actually shuts down everyone else’s.

From Gabriel’s radio relay equipment to Aaron’s covert meetings with Jesus, everyone else saw the necessity of maintaining communication with the other communities; but going about it in underhanded ways actually made it all the more dangerous.

Typing it out like that makes it sound even sillier, but Josh McDermitt leans into both Eugene’s flat affect and his hapless love for Rosita in a way that manages to mostly sell this overcooked material by emphasizing the humor.

If the show wants to do these sudsy dramatics, it’s fine, as long as they don’t become burdensome, but instead continue to function more as background color than storylines we’re expected to invest time and energy into.

And Daryl’s rescue is a good one, as he swoops in with Connie during the walker attack on the Whisperers’ home wearing one of their undead masks, grabbing Henry and Lydia, and making off with them just as Alpha was trying to convince her daughter to stab Henry—or see if some of those much-maligned “feelings” would get in the way.

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