Man getting rent cash from Kim Kardashian rejected for Nashville apartment

Kim Kardashian claims another landlord has rejected the rental application of Matthew Charles, a Nashville man with a criminal record who is receiving rent assistance from the reality star.

“Matthew Charles’s lease application was rejected again bc of his criminal record (even w me paying his rent in advance),” she wrote on Twitter.

“If there are any landlords w a 2 bedroom in Nashville willing to give Mr Charles a 2nd chance, contact mocapt615@gmail.com Serious inquiries only, thank you.”

Kardashian pledged Monday to pay five years of rent for Charles after learning of his difficulty securing housing because of his criminal history and lack of credit.

We thought it would be a good idea to open up, see what opportunities are out there," Tim Hardiman, a friend of Charles, told The Tennessean .

In this Feb. 13 photo, Matthew Charles is pictured at the Cordell Hull building in Nashville, Tenn. Charles hadn't been able to find permanent housing since his Jan. 3 release, in part due to his criminal history, but Kim Kardashian has since stepped in.

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