Lil Uzi Vert Appeared To Cut Off His Dreads In A Video Posted To Instagram

For months now, the 24-year-old rapper has been locked in a battle with his label concerning the fate of his forthcoming album Eternal Atake .

For reasons that have yet to be made clear Atlantic doesn’t seem to be allowing Uzi to release the project, a record that the rapper claims is already finished.

Last April, he reportedly left the password to his Instagram account scrawled on a bathroom wall of a brothel and was subsequently hacked .

In January he posted an Instagram story in which he claimed he was “ done with music .” And on Friday, the Philadelphia native took another unexpected left turn.

In a video posted to the rappers’ Instagram on Friday, he can be seen taking a pair of scissors to his trademark dreads.

The short clip only captures Uzi from the neck down, but after he raises the pair of scissors towards his head, his right hand returns into the frame holding a freshly-snipped loc.

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