In The Wake Of Anthem's Release, Destiny 2 Is About To Drop Some Big Lore

The season will start on March 5th, and will focus on the Drifter, host of the multiplayer Gambit game and a vendor in the Tower.

Season six of Destiny 2 will bring a new Allegiance quest that will force Guardians to choose between the Drifter and the Vanguard.

The new quest line will focus heavily on the Drifter and his backstory, allowing players to finally enter his ship and discover the truth behind the giant chunk of ice floating behind it.

The entire quest line can be completed once per character, and promises to reward players with both lore and loot.

For Destiny lore buffs, the upcoming season will be an exciting one because, so far, the Nine have remained completely unseen and unknown to players except through Xûr, their emissary.

In addition to the new lore and allegiance quests, season six will add new Power Surge bounties that players can collect from the Drifter.

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