'American Idol' Premiere Recap: Vietnamese Student Myra Tran Is an Early Standout

Surely, after lord knows how many years of not producing a winner whose name anyone can remember by summer’s end, the youth of the country has become wary of American Idol , right?

Speaking of the auditions, this year’s premiere episode sees the Katy & Co. roll into Louisville, Denver, New York City, Los Angeles and Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

Then a 23 year old from Vegas named Johanna Jones auditions by bringing along Her Own Private Guitar Player and singing Sam Smith weeper “I’m Not The Only One.” This, however, is overshadowed by Katy Perry stuffing an entire potato chip bag into her mouth, because ANTICS.

Margie Mays is an irritating blonde from Wilmington, Delaware who burps and “oh my gods” and trills and uses her arms to make a box around her head to calm herself down.

The producers deem the student’s accent to be thick enough to include subtitles when she speaks, but when she belts out Dreamgirls show tune “One Night Only,” it’s a musical revelation compared to everyone else who’s stepped in front of the judges so far.

Sugar Land, Texas wedding singer Uche pops, locks and dips across the screen next, while crooning Christina Aguilera’s “Ain’t No Other Man.” It’s a bit all over the place, so Katy has him stand still and sing a gospel song.

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