How Kings still can make NBA playoffs with 20 games left in season

After 12 years of watching other teams make the NBA playoffs, the Kings and their loyal fan base are ready for their turn.

Friday night's loss to the Los Angeles Clippers was a blow to Sacramento's postseason chances, but there still is plenty of time to make up ground with 20 games remaining.

The win gave Los Angeles a sweep in the season series, and pushed the Clippers three games ahead of the Kings in the standings.

If the two teams finish the year with identical records, the Kings would advance due to the tiebreaker rules, unless there is a three-way tie for the spot, and then it gets complicated.

The Los Angeles Lakers sit only one game behind the Kings in the standings, but their path to the playoffs is extremely tough.

After 12 years of futility, Sacramento still has a fighting chance to shock the NBA and earn a trip to the postseason.

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