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Houston Texans Hire Andre Johnson In Special Adviser Role

He was a frequent guest of ours on the Texans pregame show (a VERY public appearance every home Sunday, as the show takes place smack dab in the middle of Bid Plaza... oh, and Dre drew MONSTER crowds), he did some Texans ambassador work, and he was inducted as the first and still only member of the team's new Ring of Honor.

Johnson had also spent a lot of time around the team, flying to West Virginia for parts of training camp, and helping out around practice.

Now, with news first reported by John McClain of the Houston Chronicle on Friday, the journey for Johnson has officially begun:

Continue ReadingThat's actually a good place to begin with my four thoughts on Andre Johnson's news on Friday, specifically:

I'm not saying treat players like charity cases, but giving them priority in entry level positions, and letting them continue to be around the game in some way can be beneficial for both sides, and hardly bank-breaking to these multi-billion dollar enterprises.

Sean Pendergast is a contributing freelance writer who covers Houston area sports daily in the News section, with periodic columns and features, as well.

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