Guerin Emig: Sooners flunk eye test again, but metrics should pass them into another NCAA Tournament

None of this flatters OU, which for the second straight year went from a nationally relevant team in December to a scattershot squad in March.

The explanation for this: While the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee members have 20 functional eyes and can see the March version of OU is inferior, they also have a criteria that takes into account everything dating back to November.

Criteria metrics include basketball power index, strength of record and Pomeroy and Sagarin ratings.

40 in the NCAA Evaluation Tool, and this year the NET replaces the Ratings Percentage Index (RPI) as a key selection committee metric.

The ’18 selection committee overlooked that 8-10 record in favor of metrics that reflected a more formidable body of work.

One year later, even as the Sooners have obviously broken down over the past seven weeks, their body of work should hold up once more on Selection Sunday.

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