Garmin Marq: A Sports Watch with a Luxury Build

Consider the recent attempts by several digital- and smartwatch makers to tap into the je-ne-sais-quoi magic of traditional high-end timepieces: an Apple Watch with an Hermès leather strap , for example, or a solid gold Casio G-Shock .

Alpina, Breitling, and TAG Heuer, all old names in the luxury-watch space, have released their own connected watches that retain the materials, build quality, and prices of their classic offerings.

Since then, the company has expanded from handheld GPS devices to everything from car navigation to aircraft systems, to bike computers, to perhaps its most widely known offering: connected wristwatches.

There are five Marq watches, each crafted with different features and design cues aimed at a specific sport: the Aviator for pilots, the Driver for car enthusiasts, the Captain for sailors, the Athlete for endurance junkies, and the Expedition for hikers and mountaineers.

In other words, these watches wouldn’t look out of place in a boardroom, albeit not easily sliding under a shirtsleeve, but with the added bonus of built-in bragging rights about the weekend’s adventures.

A few years ago, Garmin rival Suunto tried a similar strategy with its Elementum line aimed at sailors, divers, and hikers, with swanky straps and sapphire crystals.

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