'Triple Frontier': Ben Affleck Reveals More About His Character's Fate

The 46-year-old Hollywood actor, now free of his Batman obligations , can be seen in Netflix’s newest movie Triple Frontier , a heist thriller set in South America where Affleck stars as Captain Tom “Redfly” Davis, a U.S. veteran who takes point on a heist carried out by ex-soldiers to steal from a Colombian drug lord.

But with the chance to steal so much money comes so much risk, one Affleck’s character ends up knowing very well.

Towards the end of Triple Frontier , director J.C. Chandor reveals the ultimate consequence of these soldier’s actions with Tom getting shot square in the head by a vengeful local.

It’s a brutal death that comes fast and furious, which is so unlike the overly dramaticdeaths seen in most Hollywood action movies.

When asked about his character’s fate, during a roundtable interview that took place prior to the film’s release on Netflix, Affleck mused on how Tom maybe considered the operation was a one-way trip.

Although a highly-trained veteran with an exceptional talent for strategy, planning, and leadership, he is barely making ends meet as a realtor.

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