Facebook Messenger testing dark mode, you might enable it by using an emoji

Android Q is believed to come with a system-wide dark theme , Samsung One UI features it too, and so do apps like Youtube and Telegram.

While Facebook hasn't officially said anything about testing the feature yet, per the Redditors, if you send a moon emoji (this one:ūüĆô) on the Messenger in a chat, you may be able to trigger the theme.

However, if you do want to give it a try, as soon as you send the moon emoji, if the trick does work for you, you will see a message pop-up at the top that reads "You Found Dark Mode!".

It is still unclear where all this feature is being tested, however, Reddit users from Philippines, Portugal, Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia, and Indonesia seems to be sending across affirmative response for this moon emoji trick.

GSMArena claims that they were able to test this out on an Android and iOS device in India as well.

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