Facebook Blames Server Problem for Massive Outage

We’re very sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate everyone’s patience.”The outage was believed to be the worst ever for the internet giant that reaches an estimated 2.7 billion people with its core social network, Instagram and messaging applications.

While Cox gave no specific reason for his move, he noted that Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg has unveiled a new direction away from being the “digital town square” to focus on smaller-scale, private interactions.

“As Mark has outlined, we are turning a new page in our product direction, focused on an encrypted, interoperable, messaging network,” Cox wrote.Facebook also said WhatsApp chief Chris Daniels is leaving the company.

Will Cathcart will be the new head of WhatsApp.The New York Times reported late Wednesday that US prosecutors had launched a criminal investigation into the social network’s practice of sharing users’ data with companies without letting them know.

The news comes with regulators, investigators and elected officials in the US and elsewhere in the world digging into the data sharing practices of Facebook.The social network’s handling of user data has been a flashpoint for controversy since it admitted last year that Cambridge Analytica, a political consultancy which did work for Donald Trump’s 2016 election campaign, used an app that may have hijacked the private details of 87 million users.Facebook suggested there was nothing new in the New York Times report.

We’ve provided public testimony, answered questions and pledged that we will continue to do so.”Facebook has maintained that it shared limited amounts of user data with smartphone makers and other outside partners to enable its services to work well on devices or with applications.

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