Dwarf Fortress Is the Craziest Game You've (Probably) Never Heard Of

Let me sum up: Dwarf Fortress’s procedural world generation is the most sophisticated and complex in existence, simulating thousands of years of geology, history, myths and Gods, songs, civilizations, animal life, and everything else.

This detail extends to the smallest minutiae - body parts can be bruised or torn off entirely in combat, dwarves might vomit or pass out at the site of blood, or maybe all the towns cats will get alcohol poisoning from drinking spilled ale; the level of simulation feels endless.

Although this complexity can be worked through - I’ve been playing and enjoying the game for over a decade, both in its original ASCII graphics and with mods (see below) - at first glance, DF looks like you’re staring at the code in The Matrix.

Quality-of-Life features including a brand-new graphical tileset, new music, and easier modding via Steam Workshop integration, should help make the game more accessible and friendly to newcomers.

I'm digging out deluxe bedrooms deep underground for my worthless dwarf nobles, building a HUGE expansion to the dorms, and finally finished smoothing the stone in the dining hall.

If you do give the game a shot, make it past the learning curve, and end up putting 500+ hours in, the Adams Brothers maintain a Patreon to allow fans to those their appreciation.

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