Dennis Smith Jr. respects De'Aaron Fox, but he says he's faster than the Kings' point guard

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The 2017 NBA Draft was point guard-heavy and as the top players began to come off the board, Markelle Fultz the No.

1 overall pick followed by Lonzo Ball to the Lakers at No 2 and then De'Aaron Fox to the Sacramento Kings at No 5, Dennis Smith Jr. listened to the hype from the enthusiastic analysts.

Fox, now in his second year, has displayed the celebrated end-to-end speed to help turn the Kings into a contender for a playoff spot in the Western Conference.

And while Smith acknowledged that Fox is very fast and there are a lot of other NBA players who can fly, listing John Wall and Russell Westbrook, he said that there is no debate about who is the fastest.

If there is some debate among them about who is faster — Fox has said that he is the fastest player in the NBA — there is no controversy about the mutual respect they hold for each other.

The Dallas Mavericks, who drafted him at No 9 (one spot after the Knicks took another point guard off the board, Frank Ntilikina), were 24-58 in his rookie season.

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