AT&T just made its first huge changes to HBO and the rest of WarnerMedia

Equally as important, he’s also been tasked with heading up WarnerMedia’s direct-to-consumer business and the upcoming streaming service that AT&T hopes will prove a worthy foe to Netflix and kick off a new era of distribution for its robust breadth of content.

The US Department of Justice ended its quest to reverse that merger last week after a panel of judges sided with AT&T, concluding that the DOJ failed to demonstrate how it would stifle competition.

Plepler gave the green light to hits like Game of Thrones and Veep , and was widely respected across the entertainment industry for his stewardship of HBO and its prestigious originals.

Last June, WarnerMedia boss John Stankey made headlines (and reportedly frustrated some HBO workers) by pressuring employees to increase output substantially.

Greenblatt tried to get across that any job reductions won't hamper WarnerMedia’s creative efforts, but there will no doubt be redundancies with all of those networks now linked closer together in the name of greater efficiency and streamlined operations.

AT&T has over $170 billion in debt, but has suggested it will be able to pay off a good chunk of that with its usual profits, by cutting costs, and by offloading assets like WarnerMedia’s 10 percent stake in Hulu.

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