2019 NFL free agency: Nick Foles, Teddy Bridgewater are the top QBs on market

The Jacksonville Jaguars stand out in that group, but most teams have a quarterback in place, are talking themselves into the option they already have or don’t have the financial flexibility to dump their current starter.

It’s hard to figure out which team would sign Tannehill as a starter, but he’ll be just 31 years old with 88 career starts and a passable 87 passer rating.

Assuming the Broncos don’t find a trade partner for Keenum and he’s cut, he’s certainly an interesting case (no pun intended).

Foles, who famously took over for injured Carson Wentz two seasons ago and led the way to a Super Bowl win, is inconsistent.

It’s doubtful any team would invest in Taylor as a long-term starter, but in a thin quarterback class he still looks pretty good.

Teams love buying into the hypothetical upside of quarterbacks who haven’t played much (Chase Daniel is a multi-millionaire due to this).

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