12 Feel-good Shows to Watch After 'Queer Eye'

Are the boys’ convos about polarizing issues with their subjects, squeezed in between mattress and vintage shopping, a little forced ?

The Binge —a private Facebook group launched last year that is devoted to superfans of streaming content.

“Something about Michael’s reckless joy at poking holes in the human experience—and delighting in it so deeply—really reminds me to be on the lookout for the little things when the big things… really clog up my feel-good conduits.”

The fashion is on point (Patricia Fields back), it has an incredible ensemble cast, and a very unique storyline.

Why You Should Watch: This show “touches on topics that are relative to me; aging women who love, live, fail, argue, and [who are] learning about relationships with themselves, friends and family.

Why You Should Watch: “I have insomnia, but I find the characters on that show so comforting that they put my mind at ease and I am able to fall asleep.

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