With Candy-Heart Maker Necco Out of Business, Other Confectioners Vie for ...

When the New England Confectionery Co. abruptly closed its doors last year, howls over the demise of its eponymous Necco wafer echoed across the candy aisle.

The owner of Florida-based, which manufactures printed candy hearts, Hannington relied on Necco to supply as many as 40,000 pounds of the tiny treat each Valentine’s Day season.

Based in Boston and later Revere, Massachusetts, the company went on to make brands known to children and dentists alike, from Clark Bars to Mary Janes.

Last year, the remains of the company were bought by a private equity firm, Round Hill Investments LLC, which ultimately sold the century-old Sweethearts brand to the Spangler Candy Co.

“In people’s hearts, Necco was the original,” said Beth Kimmerle, author of the book Candy: A Sweet History.

After working with a tooling firm to create heart-shaped metal plates and a food scientist to pick flavor, color and formula, she found a new manufacturer to produce the candy.

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