What your Sweetheart saying says about you

From meaningful cards, fragrant flowers, well-considered chocolates and beautifully wrapped baubles, Valentine’s Day gift choices are fraught with underlying meanings.

Remember how you would carefully consider which chalky, crunchy, sugar bomb heart-shaped message should be given to which elementary school classmate?

As so often happens in the modern corporate world, Necco was bought at auction by an entity called Round Hill Investments who then sold it in September 2018 to Spangler Candy Company.

So, although original Sweethearts purists might have to struggle through this holiday season, less discerning lovers of candy hearts with messages should be able to survive.

“Hep Cat” and “Dig Me,” for example, no longer resonate with modern Sweetheart aficionados while “Text Me” and “Tweet Me” have been recently added.

An interesting experiment might be to chart the social history of the United States over the years by the sayings that have appeared on the candies.

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