Warriors adversary Enes Kanter announces he signed contract with Blazers

Aside from a third quarter in which the defending champions considered defense-optional, their 115-108 victory affirmed their ability to find another level when it’s truly needed, particularly against a competitive opponent.

Aside from one play, when he was cooked by Raul Neto, Utah’s quick backup point guard, Andre Iguodala was as good as ever at delivering things large and small essential to success.

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Kanter -- who was traded from Oklahoma City to New York in the Carmelo Anthony deal back in the summer of 2017 -- was waived by the Knicks last week.

“And I think for a while we have focused on a center because we just weren’t sure how quickly DeMarcus was going to come back or if the rest of our players were going to hold up over the course of the season.

Certain guys who Golden State would love to sign might not be interested in joining the two-time defending champions because there isn't a lot of playing time available.

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