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Rocket League Boosts Cross-Play With the Friends Update

Yet, over the years Rocket League has cleared the way for cross-platform play, and it's set to do so again on February 19, when it releases the Friends Update to make it even easier to play with friends regardless of what gaming platform they use.

The new Friends tab displays people you've added who play Rocket League on the same platform as you.

You can learn more via the announcement, and more information about Rocket League 's development is available via the Roadmap Blog published in late January.

Epic Games made Fortnite cross-play available for non-Sony consoles--and even Sony eventually conceded to demands for cross-play support on the PlayStation 4--and other developers said they simply wouldn't make games for consoles that didn't make it easy for people to play with their friends.

Microsoft and Nintendo have appeared to be fast friends since the Fortnite kerfuffle .

And Microsoft could take things a step further, with recent discussions to potentially make Xbox Live available on pretty much every device without "PlayStation" in its name.

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