Boston Celtics

Mitchell Robinson leads rally as Knicks win back-to-back games

As Aaron Gordon drove along the baseline in the opening minute of the second quarter Tuesday night, Mitchell Robinson gave chase.

Jumping on one side of the rim and swinging his right arm, Robinson came up empty as Gordon continued for a reverse layup attempt.

Unlike too many nights this season, this time it was enough to spur a Knicks win as they defeated the Orlando Magic, 108-103, at Madison Square Garden.

Robinson was asked at practice Monday how many blocks he thought he could average per game once he starts playing bigger minutes and he said, “Probably around 6.

What has gotten in the way most of the time is foul trouble, but Knicks coach David Fizdale — even if the figure would be an all-time NBA record — wasn’t doubting Robinson.

The offensive production has been limited to a range of touching the rim on most of his attempts this season, but the Knicks have been working with him in practice and pregame on using his speed and athleticism on that end of the floor, too.

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