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'Silksong' is a full-blown sequel to 'Hollow Knight'

Hollow Knight: Silksong was initially intended to be a DLC, but developer Team Cherry said "it quickly became too large and too unique" to stay that way.

That means the three-person team is going to take a little longer to put Silksong together than fans had expected -- there's not even a hint of a release date yet.

Hornet was always more sprightly than the Knight, and from the trailer it seems that's going to be represented in a more acrobatic style of combat and platforming than before.

It's likely the basic Hollow Knight loop -- explore area, face off against boss, get new skill to gain access to new area -- will remain intact, but Silksong is set in an entirely different kingdom from the original, and will include over 150 new enemies.

Hollow Knight: Silksong will be launching on PC (Windows, Mac and Linux) and Nintendo Switch, with Team Cherry saying "more platforms may happen."

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