Hip-Hop Remembers Drake's 'So Far Gone' Mixtape on Project's 10th Anniversary

Today (Feb. 13) marks a decade since Drake dropped So Far Gone —a mixtape that would go on to catapult him into the early levels of superstardom and take him from being known as "Wheelchair Jimmy" on Degrassi to a household name.

The effortless mixture of rapping and singing wasn't new but, it felt reinvented by this actor from Toronto who undoubtedly shifted the sonic direction artists go in today.

The project came at the height of the blogs and at a time when artists like J. Cole, Wiz Khalifa, Wale and Big Sean were dominating the underground scene and preparing for a So Far Gone moment of their own.

Speaking on the project with a tweet he posted earlier today, J. Cole made it clear he believes the mixtape was a timeless one.

"So Far Gone super classic forever," the North Carolina rapper tweeted.

XXL has gathered up the reactions from some of Drizzy's peers who are celebrating the classic project along with him.

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