Hilarious Dog Achieves Slacker Spirit Animal Status for Supremely Leisurely ...

Winky, the marshmallow white Bichon Frise, charmed legions of new fans after videos of the dog taking its time in this weekend’s agility contest preliminaries made the rounds online.

Competing in agility, Winky made its way over the obstacles at a supremely chill, low-effort pace, finishing with a final time of 192 seconds.

To give you an idea of how Winky the Bijon’s leisurely jaunt measures up to some of the more eager pups in the place, the winner, a border collie named Verb, clocked in at 32.05 seconds, and Rudy the bulldog, another beloved dog, crushed it in 46.63 seconds.

But people on the internet can choose their own champ, and if you’re a low-energy type, then Winky might be more your speed.

Winky stops and rests, giving the crowd ample time to soak it all in.

See a sampling to reactions to Winky at the Westminster agility 2019 contest below.

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