'Breaking Bad' movie sequel will first stream on Netflix, then air on AMC

For many of you, Netflix helped popularize Vince Gilligan’s epic AMC series about a certain high school chemistry teacher-turned brilliant drug lord — or, at least, the streaming service helped give Breaking Bad and the story of Walter White’s transformation more fans than it had during the years it originally aired and ensured a kind of longevity to the fandom around the show.

The movie will focus on Walter’s protege of sorts, Jesse Pinkman — and the interesting thing is it’s reportedly going to stream on Netflix .

This news was first reported by Deadline and confirmed from several sources by Variety , which of course notes that this is the opposite of the original show’s roll-out strategy.

It has been previously reported, however, that the film would star Aaron Paul and would follow his character — Jesse Pinkman — in the aftermath of the events of the original series finale.

According to a description of that film, the movie “tracks the escape of a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom.”

Fans of the series, Variety offers as a reminder, “will recall that Pinkman was kidnapped by a gang of neo-Nazis and forced to continue cooking meth for them until he escaped with the aid of Walter White.” The publication continues: “It is unknown if Bryan Cranston, who played main character Walter White in the series, would appear in the film.

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