Amazon-owned Whole Foods Market raises prices on hundreds of products, report says

According to The Wall Street Journal , which reports it reviewed internal company communications, Whole Foods has raised prices on hundreds of products to "cover the rising costs for packaging, ingredients and transportation."

Increases hit dozens of items this month, including Häagen-Dazs ice cream and Dr. Bonner's soaps, the paper reported.

Whole Foods "stopped selling nearly half of 700 products with expiring contracts and instituted new deals on 100 more," a company spokeswoman told The Wall Street Journal, noting prices increased on about 50 of the 700 items.

In a statement to USA TODAY, Whole Foods said like all grocers, the company "has experienced increased costs from suppliers due to materials, labor and transportation, and we’ve absorbed much of the inflation."

The company has been trying to lure Prime members to Whole Foods with exclusive deals including a loyalty discount of an additional 10 percent off sales prices.

"We remain committed to continuing to lower prices with Amazon as we deliver on our mission to make high-quality, natural and organic food more affordable and accessible."

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