International Space Station

A Very Relatable Moment on the International Space Station

Earlier this month, NASA astronauts had gathered in the bathroom to install a pair of stalls for an extra enclosure that would provide some more privacy.

As they worked, they twisted off a metal bit that connects a water unit to a hose that astronauts use for toothbrushing, bathing, and other hygiene routines.

He hasn’t spent any time on the ISS—he helped assemble the station during his last mission in 2001—but he has experienced firsthand the strange phenomena of water in microgravity.

The systems that control the station’s temperature and humidity sucked up the moisture and dumped it back into a mechanism that produces potable water.

NASA promises that the new toilet, designed by an American company , is “simpler to use” and “provides increased crew comfort and performance.” The agency also wants the model to work in other, future space habitats.

Astronauts plunked down on the bowl, peered at a television monitor in front of them, and watched themselves, in real time, wiggle around and rehearse the proper placement.

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