A single Valentine: Unattached and uncommitted? 5 options for the happy, petty ...

On the same day Americans purchase 224 million roses, there is a hidden layer of the world — a dark, lonely underbelly, obscured from view.

There’ll be hugs, lingerie and cocktails, and 10 percent of alcohol sales from the night go to supporting the nonprofit Judicial Reform for Sex Crimes.

This is being billed as the “dog-friendly Valentine’s Day Pawty of the century!” Stop by Grand Krewe New Orleans, a fine wine and spirits shop in Faubourg Marigny, for an evening that will make both you and your four-legged buddy happy.

Your pup gets to sample treats from New Orleans' pet care service Blakemoore Bark while you try a variety of the store’s wine inventory.

Your little buddy will go home with gifts from Pet Krewe, while you’ll be showered with treats from Dig, the new dating app for people who love dogs.

Fiel has put together a special cocktail menu for the brokenhearted, including drinks like “Breakup Sex,” “I Still Use Your Netflix Account” and “The Worst.” When asked if couples were invited, she said, “Of course,” before adding, “but you should probably buy a single person a shot or something.”

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