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Why some fans think Bryce Harper's big announcement is coming Tuesday

Lots on Sean Doolittle’s plate at this point: He’s navigating the penetrating midwest winters of Chicago; he’s starting earnest preparations for the season; he’s even working around the house in an attempt to improve his first home.

Just a few days ago, two pitchers -- Roy Halladay and Mariano Rivera -- were among those inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Early advice from Oakland Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations Billy Beane and former MLB pitcher Bob Welch convinced him to use his best pitch as often as possible.

The account has fully embraced the national interest in Harper’s destination throughout the offseason, with everything from outright telling fans to follow his journey on their page, to projecting his potential stats with every single franchise in baseball.

In what was supposed to be a huge offseason with the likes of Harper and Manny Machado up for grabs, all we've gotten for the last three months are dozens of "reports."

As Opening Day approaches and you're left wondering where your favorite player will be in 2019, find solace in the fact that Doolittle is right there with you.

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