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Why Isn't 'This Is Us' On Tonight? Weirdly, The Government Shutdown Is To Blame

Networks, including NBC, were prepared to take a break in regularly scheduled programming on Tuesday, Jan. 29 to air the State of the Union address instead.

Following the government's reopening, Pelosi re-extended the invitation for Trump to give his State of the Union address on Feb. 5, which means that This Is Us' regularly scheduled timeslot is in jeopardy yet again.

As of right now, NBC's primetime schedule on Feb. 5 appears normal, but I would expect that to change as networks prepare to cover the belated State of the Union next Tuesday.

"Songbird Road: Part 1" finds the Big Three retracing their father's footsteps to meet their Uncle Nicky, a Vietnam War vet who, for their entire lives, they believed to be dead.

Nicky recounts what actually happened in Vietnam — and why Jack told his wife and children his brother had died there — and it's not a pleasant story.

What he finds when he returns to the trailer in Bradford, Pennsylvania is Nicky sitting in front of a table with a gun on it, clearly contemplating something dark.

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