Why the dual front-office job/coaching role has ran its course

Only one such situation remains, with Gregg Popovich having final say on personnel matters in San Antonio as team president, in addition to being perhaps the best coach in the NBA.

Their force of personality and being the public face of organizations, speaking to media twice a day for the better part of six months, put them in a position to exude charisma in interview settings with owners, and some fall for it simply because they’re looking for a leader.

Thibodeau battled with front-office personnel Gar Forman and John Paxson in Chicago, leading to an ugly ending in 2015, after which he became the top free-agent coach on the market.

There were others, like Doc Rivers ascending to the top spot with the Clippers after the Donald Sterling fiasco , and Mike Budenholzer being the beneficiary following the Danny Ferry situation in Atlanta .

Each brought in players they’d dealt with before, the most egregious being Thibodeau — hence all the “TimberBulls” jokes that ran through social media every time he went back to his past to make a new acquisition.

It’s not so much that these guys are bad executives, but they’re wired as coaches to go for comfort and their organizations are often set up in a way to minimize internal conflict, leading most personnel moves to be made in the vein of “win now” and not necessarily addressing the future.

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