What happens to Amazon now that its largest shareholder may have to split his ...

The world's richest man tweeted Wednesday that after a "long period of loving exploration and trial separation," he and his wife, MacKenzie, would split.

A 2013 Stanford study , "Separation Anxiety: The Impact of CEO Divorce on Shareholders," noted that there are three different ways in which the end of a chief executive's marriage can have an effect on a company.

The emotional impact and distractions from the practical issues that come up in a divorce proceeding can affect how well a chief executive can manage a company.

Companies typically grow by undertaking strategies that come with a degree of inherent risk, like acquiring another business or introducing new product lines.

A CEO with a large ownership stake — and Bezos is Amazon's single-largest shareholder, with 16.3 percent of the stock — might be forced to sell shares to satisfy a divorce settlement.

That may be due to the way Bezos phrased his message, stressing the continued good relations and sense of partnership between him and his wife.

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