We're in Complete Denial Over Chicago Fire's Latest Breakup

The Dick Wolf drama returned Wednesday night and drove a stake into the heart of not one but two relationships in under 60 minutes.

The episode, titled "Inside These Walls," saw Casey ( Jesse Spencer ) and Naomi (Kate Villanova) part on friendly terms, which would have been fine had Fire not also killed off the relationship that truly matters: Stellaride.

To be fair, things were already rocky for Stella ( Miranda Rae Mayo ) and Severide ( Taylor Kinney ) before the Jan. 9 episode.

Severide, who' d been reeling from his father's sudden passing, shut Stella out emotionally and made things worse with his jealousy over her old buddy Tyler ( Tye White ).

Despite that major blow-up in the midseason finale, it looked like Stellaride would actually pull through, especially after Stella dropped Tyler for hitting on her.

After bringing down a shady company for selling faulty appliances, Naomi accepted an out-of-town assignment, which effectively puts an end to her fling with Casey.

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