Kevin Durant

Warriors vs. Knicks: Broadcaster Clyde Frazier clarifies statements about ...

So you can now add constant speculation about the KD Happiness Meter to chatter about why the team should fire Steve Kerr or whether they’re still good enough to win the title — if you believe I’m making these things up, just go check out NBA Twitter.

Frazier said winning a title with the Knicks — a feat not accomplished since he averaged 46 minutes per game in the 1973 Finals — would station Durant in the highest category.

Especially if the Warriors win this year, I think he’d be looking for a different challenge,” Frazier told the News.

If he could bring a title to New York, that’s going to catapult him with Jordan and LeBron, I would think.”

Maybe if the 10-30 Knicks can prove that they’re somewhere near being competitive, Durant might agree if the Warriors don’t properly appease him.

Anyway, feel free to share your observations on the Warriors and Knicks game tonight or the KD Happiness Meter in the comments below.

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