USC's Clay Helton says he's not mad after Kliff Kingsbury leaves for Arizona ...

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Although Kliff Kingsbury was Southern California’s offensive coordinator for just 34 days, Clay Helton says he isn’t mad after the Arizona Cardinals swooped in.

Kingsbury became the Cardinals’ head coach and left the Trojans in the lurch Tuesday, leaving LA just over one month after he agreed to take charge of USC’s offense.

AdvertisementStill, USC is back where it started last month when athletic director Lynn Swann justified his much-criticized decision to keep Helton in charge after the Trojans’ first losing season since 2000 by pairing him with Kingsbury, one of the top offensive minds in college football.

Some top candidates for similar jobs already have been snapped up, but Helton betrayed no public worries about solving his latest problem with the tumultuous Trojans.

They patiently pursued Kingsbury as their top choice after his firing at Tech, luring him with USC’s seemingly endless supply of five-star talent and the chance to showcase his skills for another big job.

AdvertisementInstead, that job arrived before anyone apparently expected — and was bigger than most observers thought possible, with the Cardinals making an unconventional hire of a college head coach coming off three straight losing seasons and a 35-40 overall record.

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