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The First Flexible, Foldable Phone + Tablet is Finally Here

At CES 2019 , flexible screens made a huge splash, and Royole’s FlexPai, the world’s first commercial foldable phone + tablet with a fully flexible display, is a part of the growing wave of devices eschewing rigid, fixed screens.

With the introduction of the FlexPai, Royole hopes to gain some first mover advantage with the technology and make a bigger name for itself as a producer of consumer products.

It features fast charging based on Royole’s own Ro-Charge technology and runs on a modified version of Google’s Android OS.

"We are currently working with over 220 business partners worldwide to implement flexible displays and sensors in a variety of products that will reshape the world of consumer technologies."

Royole isn't the only device maker looking to market a foldable phone + tablet, but they are the first out the gate, so it remains to be seen if they can capitalize on first mover advantage.

If nothing else, Royole's FlexPai shows that the concept isn't only viable, but functional and attractive, so expect more foldable phone + tablet offerings in the future.

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