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The First Bendable Phone Is An Exciting Piece Of Junk

Unlike Samsung’s teaser, the Flexpai isn’t a prototype, it’s something you can buy right now if you don’t mind dropping a cool $1,830.

That said, you’d have to be delusional to buy in because while the idea behind bendy devices is super exciting, the FlexPai falls flat.

Without even considering its general specs — which aren’t really notable aside from its 8 inch flexible AMOLED display — the Flexpai has a lot of issues.

The Flexpai’s stiff hinge is also covered in what feels like the same latex used to make cheap accordions, and on one of the units I saw, it looked like it was already dried out and starting to crack.

The Flexpai represents a truly new realm of tech from a largely unknown company with fewer resources than giants like Samsung or LG.

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