Houston Rockets

The Bucks Just Provided The League With A Blueprint On Stopping James Harden ...

Whoever was responsible for guarding last season’s MVP would set up on his left side, with a big man stationed not too far from the basket whose eyes were focused on Harden in case he bolted to the rim.

Probably because he didn’t play this perfectly.As the frustration of not getting the drives, or the foul calls, he wanted, Harden began to settle for jump shots instead.

Those also turned into misses that Bucks players could gobble up as rebounds because the defender was already right by his shooting hand, making shots easier to disrupt.

One could argue that Chris Paul’s presence as a scorer and facilitator would prevent these kind of games from happening, but depending on a 33-year-old who is currently resting because he’s injured his hamstring for the umpteenth time should not be the formula of a team with championship aspirations.

Now that Milwaukee has provided the league with a blueprint on how to stop an MVP from running rampant on your team, it’ll be interesting to see how Houston, and Harden, does from here.

Hopefully those other teams don’t forget the most important part of the strategy: pegging the shit out of Harden’s head with a 200 mph pass attempt.

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