Teenage girls attack mum and child and riot in McDonald's causing £1500 of ...

A DISTURBING video shows a gang of teenage girls rioting in a McDonald's after they were asked to leave a children’s play area.

Filmed at a restaurant in Moreno County, California, the clips shows the young thugs throwing napkins and other objects at staff – causing thousands of pounds worth of damage, it has been reported.

She told KCAL 9 the teenagers asked her to fight to them before they began punching her and throwing water and ice at her family.

The girls attacked a young mum and threw objects at staff during the violent rage in Moreno County, CaliforniaThe unnamed mother claims the restaurant’s manager did nothing the first time she asked him for help.

Employee Dexter Forbes Jr. told KCAL 9 the girl began throwing anything they could their hands on in a frenzied rage.

The unruly girls broke a monitor in the restaurant and caused thousands of pounds worth of damage.

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