Kansas City Royals

Someone was playing 'Mario Kart' on the Royals' scoreboard

There was one heck of a scene waiting for you at Kauffman Stadium if you happened to be flying around Kansas City in a helicopter of Tuesday night.

The aspect ratio might not be perfect, but who cares!

It’s Mario Kart on a screen that’s 84 ft wide and 105 ft tall.

The game was being played as part of an event by the Royals for charity, and they hinted that we might need more games on the stadium screen in the future.

I’ve only tried to play games on a massive screen once when I worked at a movie theater and learned that lag can be brutal when running an Xbox 360 through a movie theater projector — but newer displays have less latency.

The Mario Kart Royals can now join the ranks of other great examples of people playing games on stadium screens, like when the Brewers played Fortnite .

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