Sex Education Is the Most Honest Coming-of-Age TV Show We've Seen in Forever

I only need to tell you one thing about Sex Education to put it at the top of your binge queue this weekend: Gillian Anderson plays a sexually liberated relationship therapist with a house full of phallic statues.

While physical gags are abundant to emphasize the awkwardness of teenage sexuality, no one is shamed by Otis for their preferences or problems.

He treats each of his clients with respect and honestly tries to help them, and it's important to see various types of young love represented on a level playing field.

Emma Mackey and Asa Butterfield, Sex Education Photo: Sam Taylor/NetflixWhen a young lesbian couple comes to him asking for help spicing up their bedroom routine, Otis has the wisdom to admit when he's out of his depth and goes to do research.

The show was even more nuanced with Otis' best friend Eric ( Ncuti Gatwa ), who not only is allowed to discuss how hard it is to find partners in a school with only one other openly gay male (and they are thankfully not automatically pushed together just because of their matching sexual orientation!

The lack of a beautiful bow on these stories not only makes the audience anxious for more episodes, but rings true to real-life resolutions.

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