Self-rolling suitcases and roll-up TVs: CES 2019's craziest and coolest gadgets

The big news this year is artificial intelligence is working its way into all sorts of places, from your bedroom to the concierge desk.

Walking the show floor this year, I picked these products -- some practical, some downright strange -- that captured the spirit of where things are headed ... or at least the creativity that makes CES so much fun.

And new sets from a variety of makers including Samsung and LG will also support AirPlay 2, Apple's tech for beaming music, pictures and video from iPhones and Macs to the big screen.

It's part of a bigger push by the tech giant into making money through services, including subscriptions for music and (perhaps soon) streaming video.

But this thing does more than just ring when someone presses the button: It pushes an alert to the owner's phone that someone's at the door, allows for two-way conversations and even records live video of what's happening.

Then a shelf closes up and cleans itself, pushing the waste into a sand basket and, eventually, sealed baggies you dispose of properly.

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