Sean Payton Is Trying To Motivate The Saints With More $1 Bills Than You've ...

But I actually like what Saints head coach Sean Payton tried this week, because it really has something for everyone.

As first reported by Jon DeTrinis, Payton set up a display in the locker room featuring a Lombardi Trophy (or at least the smaller replica that he personally received in 2010), a Super Bowl ring, and a whole bunch of cash.

If the money isn’t a motivator, maybe the glory will be...or vice versa.

Either way, each Saints player will earn exactly $201,000 in bonuses if they win each of their remaining three games.

Lombardi, the glass box of cash, my ring, all that ... armed guards.

Payton’s actually pulled this exact move before , and it worked that time—or at least it didn’t hurt.

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