Ray Donovan Finale Recap: Welcome to the Family

Executive producer and showrunner David Hollander has really been the MVP of this season, writing five episodes, including the two-part premiere, and both penning and directing this final chapter.

Mickey, Daryll, Sandy, and Smitty have some bodies to dispose of and Ray has to right some wrongs done to his family by Sam Winslow, Anita Novak, and Mayor Ed Ferrati.

There are bathtubs full of blood, a dead raccoon, and some wicked chainsaw action—most of it seen through the startled eyes of Smitty, who doesn’t quite have the hardened shell of his soon-to-be bride and is still rattled after killing a man last night.

As Mickey says, “Once you done a thing, it’s done.” The Donovans speak a lot about their troubled childhoods—and that will come up again this week—but they very quickly move past the problems of their adult lives, even the ones that were solved with murder.

Dominoes fall as Ray reveals that the Central Park incident a few weeks ago was staged and tells the press that the recent audio leak was too.

Eddie Marsan, Liev Schreiber, and Jon Voight are always the solid acting foundation of this show, but I’d like to give some props to the casting director for the extended ensemble this year.

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