Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King Dish Out Relationship Advice, and It Does Not ...

Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King have started a video series titled “The OG Chronicles.” According to OprahMag.com, they will answer readers questions and give them advice on a number of topics.

The first one is on dating, and while it is my personal belief that almost no one gives good advice, if I were to seek guidance from anyone, it might as well be Oprah.

The first question is from someone looking for advice on how to spice up their relationship with their longterm partner, as they are “newly empty-nesters.” A reasonable inquiry.

Oprah—who has also taken this video opportunity to remind us she can pull off round eyeglasses —reveals that not all roads lead to sexy town, contrary to popular thinking:

“Once I tried this, this was so many years ago, and I got the whole negligee thing and I’m standing at the stairs when he comes in, and he literally comes in—Steadman—and he walks right past me and he says, ‘What are you doing?’”

I am not going to imagine what went on in Oprah’s household the day she made cornbread, but may we all find as much success in the bedroom as she does.

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